Simelane Norton Attorneys is a law firm that represents the true spirit of collaboration in our culturally diversified demographic of South Africa.

It is a personal liability company that focuses on outsourced debt collection services. SNA is a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor that is 51% black female owned and operated.

Between the two founding Directors of the company, Tenhlanhla Simelane and Rebecca Norton, SNA already has nearly a decade’s worth of experience in the debt collection industry. Together with its technological advantage and integrated solutions, SNA provides a complete understanding of the recovery process and products related to your company within the unsecured consumer lending environment.

Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

  • Vision

    To become one of the leading debt collection companies in South Africa.

  • Mission

    To ensure dignity and responsibility in the debt collection industry.

  • Values

    1. Dignity – being proud of the work you do and conducting yourself in a manner that ensures that the dignity of every person with whom you come into contact with is upheld.
    2. Respect – having due regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others.
    3. Integrity – DOING THE RIGHT THING in a reliable manner.
    4. Transparency – open and honest communication allowing for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.
    5. Accountability – being answerable for your choices, mistakes and actions.
  • Goals


    To employ people that are committed to the values of SNA and to attaining its vision.

    To increase our client base to include several of the most prominent financial and retail institutions in South Africa.


    To expand the practice to include a fully functioning litigation and legal administration department.

    To offer compliance and consultancy services to existing and potential clients.

    To empower employees with several learnership programmes and initiatives.

Target Market

SNA’s primary pursuit is to collect unsecured consumer debt within the capital range of R2 000.00 – R50 000.00 (small to medium credit agreements), the preferable age of the debt being between 0.5 – 6 months. This being said, SNA is more than competent to collect any unsecured consumer debt irrespective of the age and capital amount thereof.


Collection Process

A full collection process from early delinquencies to late stage collections is offered within our system. This is done with four consecutive strategies running alongside the segmentation of each portfolio to ensure optimisation. These four strategies are facilitated through call, SMS, email and letter campaigns.

Data downloads and client integration

Data can be exchanged between ourselves and our clients using secure platforms. This is set up entirely at the discretion of the client and in accordance with our clients’ requirements. Data from clients is electronically uploaded into the systems with full status reporting regarding imports. Should clients require any return of information or electronic feeds these can be supplied and are customised according to system specific requirements.


Client specific reports are designed and implemented with the on-boarding of each new client, allowing us to deliver the information required in a format with which the client is familiar and which works for the client’s organisation.

We also offer a consulting service to assist clients in formatting reports that will make a meaningful contribution in the management of their portfolios and external agents.

Account and contact review

Our objective is to keep proper, updated and accurate records of debtor information and advise clients of any changes relating to such.

Data segmentation

We can take your customer account portfolio and using our data and expertise assess both risk and ‘collectability’. This allows us to identify the most effective action for each account and implement this into our current work process.

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